What they say about Georgie Bones

"Georgie Bones is an amazing lead guitarist"
-Bro Jake Rock 101

"Bob Dylan meets Stevie Ray Vaughn"
    - T.O. Nite

"Check him out - it will rattle your bones!"
Eddy B. - CIUT Radio

"Georgie Bones has magic fingers!"
Steve Jarrett of Eye Weekly

"Brilliant mix of Jimi Hendrix and George Thorogood ... amazing guitar playing."
Behind the Scene

"I was pleasantly surprised and I will go again." 
     - Lakesider 

"As good as the best."
Ottawa Citizen

"Fender bender master!"
D.D. Rocker T.O. Nite

"Check these guys out-that's a must!"
- Kate DeMarco Lakesider

"Georgie is one of our very best live blues musicians working today - a national treasure"
- Piers Hemmingsen - author of "Origin Of Beatlemania" and "Beatles In Canada"


Georgie Bones Review ImageGEORGIE BONES with SUBWAY ELVIS

I had a chance recently to experience the phenomenal "Fender-Bender Master", Georgie Bones, who is currently performing as a solo artist, with a "feature" set by the infamous Subway Elvis. This "live" simulcast had its technical glitches throughout the evening but eventually smoothed itself into a rather entertaining bit of fun. While Subway Elvis did make a request for audience participation, I don't think he was quite ready for what ensued. Obviously used to having "the floor" to himself (and a CBC cameraman this particular evening), he was not quite prepared for the sudden "rush" of dancers, prompted by a single female rock'n'roll rebel, who decided there was no way they were going to sit still while Georgie was bending the Fender on "Jailhouse Rock", which led into "Rock Around the Clock"! My guest commented that "If I closed my eyes and just listened, I would think I was actually hearing 'the real thing'." After Subway Elvis was done his routine and "had left the building", Georgie followed up with a last set of great tunes, including "Cocaine" and "Cold Shot". By the end of the weekend, I was nearly overdosing on Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes, as I had heard a few the previous night as well as later on this evening (or rather Sunday morning) at the Matador Club. And speaking of which, I'd like to give a warm round of applause for the hardworking band with the excellent repertoire at that venue! I'd forgotten how much fun it was there but couldn't help wondering why so many people who refuse to dance at a regular-hours club would have no hesitation at all to dance at an after-hours place - "they only come out at night"? 
By D.D. Rocker [Published in to-nite, Issue #193, February 7/01]

GOTTA SCREAM - GEORGIE BONES I first met Georgie "Bones" Halpern in January/01 and was knocked out by his self-taught, masterful Fender-bending technique! He is also accomplished on harp, keyboards and saxophone. While Georgie originally hails from Hull, Quebec, he has lived in Toronto for a number of years now and currently has a gig featuring Toronto's infamous Subway Elvis, who was wrongfully convicted of a bank robbery and served five years in a penitentiary! Recently vindicated, Subway is poised to resume a once lucrative career, including stints in Las Vegas. Georgie has been referred to as a cross between Bob Dylan and Stevie Ray Vaughan, vocally and stylistically speaking, and I quite agree. Originally a music store owner and booker for artists such as a very young Jeff Healey in clubs such as the notorious Chaudiere (the "Chaud") in Aylmer, Quebec, he then went on to form Gentlemen of Leisure, which recorded a "45" (remember those?) called ""D'la Gomme" and "Rubbie" on the opposing side. He has also played with Philippe Legault, who recorded "Quebec au Printemps". He recently donated to me a compilation of 12 original tracks, titled Gotta Scream, which is quite an entertaining collection. Beginning with a blistering blues-rock guitar instrumental (definitely influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan and perhaps Jeff Beck), the CD includes the aforementioned "Rubbie" whose chorus contains the wonderful lyrics "newspaper is my blanket, Aquavelva is my wine", as well as a sexy blues tunes performed vocally by his equally talented older daughter, Mandy (who is a recording artist in her own right), called "I've Got a Bone to Pick With You". The title track, "Gotta Scream", is a Bob Dylanesque tune, along the lines of "All Along the Watchtower". There are several great blues-rock tunes as well, including "Love Shock", which a high-profile performer in the audience at Chicago's one night expressed a definite interest in recording himself, but to date this has not come to fruition. (Talk really IS cheap, isn't it?) I get the impression that this CD was an opportunity for Georgie to vent his personal and professional frustrations, as quite a few of the tunes are vocalized fairly harshly with lyrics that drip with bitterness. This is not to say he doesn't have a "good" voice, though, and I would love to hear some more optimistic, tender vocals to go with his amazing instrumental talents, such as on the track "Yours and Mine" in his future endeavours. Backing musicians on the CD include David Divenizzo on bass guitar, Brian Murphy on drums, and David Ebby on back-up vocals, as well as "Gord" on saxophone [names not confirmed at this date].

October 28, 1994.  Kate DeMarco

A couple of weeks ago I was invited out to listen to a Blues band. I must say whoever didn't show up should have.

As I often listen to different Blues, I didn't expect this night to be any different. Boy, did I get a surprise! I was totally awed by this band and even their name was impressive.

We have three three guys, Georgie 'Bones' Halpern being the lead guitarist, and vocalist, with Dave Diveranzo on bass, and Brian Murphy on drums. Just a 3-man band but their high energy level certainly add up "drastic measures".

Not to spoil any surprises, they follow Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Hendrix and George Thorogood just to name a few, while at the same time, they're just cooking with some pretty wild original sounds.

Georgie 'Bones" Halpern and Drastic Measures are playing around the Toronto area and for all you dancers and Blues lovers, they will be at the Black Swan at Danforth and Broadway on November 3rd [1994].

So folks, check these guys out - that's a must. I'm sure going to catch them again.

Press release Feb 7 2013
Georgie Bones and Halpern Records signs with Thumper Records to write and perform a“Bluesopera” titled “Stevie Ray Vaughan…The Show That Never Was”

This bluesopera will be about the life and times of blues guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan
And will be produced by Thumper Records and Sturgis North

Press release Feb 17 2017

 Georgie Bones plays tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan with his new band "Cold Shot" - visit Cold Shot Site