Who is Georgie Bones?

With no obvious pigeon holes Georgie Bones is becoming a sure bet in today's music scene. Far more than a musician, he treads the stage with just as much professionalism and honesty for the songs as he does for the crowd - he's not just Rock and not just blues - Georgie Bones is building a whole new beast - and the result, like the ice from the back of your freezer, is a night so cool it can burn your fingers!


Relocating from Ottawa, Canada to Toronto, Georgie invited bassist Dave Divenzano and drummer Brian Murphy to form The Rockin' Blues power trio. While honing their skills at major night clubs and lounges they developed songs from the right kind of names: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Gary Moore and the like and learned to vary their approach yet not stray too far from the basic 12 bar blues that audiences love. Georgie Bones is equipped with an impressive repertoire of original compositions.

Like so many guitarists Georgie Bones has drawn deep from the well of pure blues and there's a tug of affection and gratitude that gives his set the warmth rarely seen. While his guitar shines with a sleek gleam. he's already convinced audiences in bars, clubs and the great outdoors that he's a talent to watch.